Vestige of Inks


I said “hey” with a smiley wave,
hid my pain and a stone cold face.
Towards my scars, I peacefully gaze.
Staring at stars, I solemnly pray.

Like zombies, I waste another day.
Spirit drained, I’m living in vain.
Gratuitously on myself I blame,
then fall asleep as if still sane.

Tossing, turning, waking up faint,
frozen, fallen, broken, I shake.
Screaming, crying inside my brain,
descending on my knees, I ache.

Thunderstorm, rain, horizon opaque,
dusk clouds, crescent, the dawn mundane,
hands and feet chained, locked in a cage,
I said “hey”, waved, smiling again.

I spent an hour writing this piece.  Lots of depressing things have happened lately. This piece is a vivid representation of what I have been going through everyday. I’m trying to fight against this feeling.  Some day in the future, every ache I’ve endured, every pain I’ve suffered, hopefully will all be gone like an expired breath.




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