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[Short Story][Sci-fi] The Ancora: Hope and Refuge

Um… I wrote this a few months ago for an essay competition, and this is the first short story I’ve ever written. I had to cut it down to 800 words for the limit, and I can’t find the original version anywhere. So here’s the 800-word version.  In Latin, Ancora means hope and refuge(at least that’s what the Google Translate said), and that’s what inspired the whole idea of the story. I enjoyed the writing process, and I think I would try to write some more in the future. Hope you like it.


The Ancora: Hope and Refuge


The End


It might be strange to start a story with an end.But all endings are also beginnings,we just don’t know it at the time.

The sun is about to rise. Everything and everyone,is in silence.

“This is the end?”

Silence is their escape,but silence is rarely a refuge.

“This is the start.”



Back on Earth in 22nd  Century


With the discovery of Kepler 452B, one of the most significant discoveries in the 21th century, the humankind began to explore the out reaches of space. People began to accept the idea of interstellar migration.Technology was developing fast. However, it couldn’t hold back the great pollution that human has created to the environment. Finally, at the end of the 22nd century, the earth was waiting to expire its last breath.

“Everyone!Aboard now!”Captain Alpha shouts.Thirty minutes from now,with attention from every corner of the world, the first lightspeed spaceship Ancora is going to start its first journey to Kepler 452B,to the outer space ,to the tomorrow-land of mankind.

“This will be a new milestone in the entire human history. Everyone on this planet is witnessing the new chapter of our civilization — The age of lightspeed.” Stein is making an revolutionary announcement to the world,”Ladies and gentlemen,allow me to present you the future—-the Ancora.In Latin, Ancora stands for hope as hope has always been our brightest morning star throughout the history. We humans are the precious intelligence created by the universe.We will never fade!We are going to rise!”

“5…4…3…2…1…launch!” With the order from Alpha and a blast ,the Ancora starts to rise with blazing flames that are seen to be blue.As the operator turns on the curvature engine,the Ancora begins to accelerate.The Ancora reaches lightspeed as soon as they cross the orbit of the Jupiter.They flash out of the solar system in a blink, leaving a trail of darkness behind.



One Last Step to the Destination


1400 years has passed in the universe.But as for the Ancora, the hour hand on the clock hasn’t turned a circle yet.The Ancora slows down.But this time the atmosphere in the ship isn’t the one of excitement.A message hit the entire ship like a heavy anchor—-Omega Status has been activated.

“Omega status was programmed to be activated remotely by gravitational waves once the mankind extincts.”says Alpha.

“The curvature engine provides the speed by contorting the spacetime continuum. And warping accelerates the ship to travel.”Says Stein,”In fact,this process has just been proven to be irreversible a few seconds ago.The space-time around the trajectory of the ship is contorted in a unstable way.The speed of light in the trail that the curvature engine left is diminished.”

“Just like a black hole.”Says a very small voice from nowhere.

“So I suppose that’s why the Omega status was activated.”Says Captain Alpha.

“The active outer-space activities of mankind must have triggered the trajectory to collapse into a black hole.”Says Stein.

The ship goes silent.

“Do you know that ‘Ancora’ also means ‘refuge’ in Latin?”

Alpha looks out of the window.Stars appears,millions of stars,like salt sprinkled across the dark firmament.

“The earth died in human hands,”Alpha says calmly,”but I never thought it would end in this way.”

Are we here to replay the history on another home?”He sends out this thought to himself,also,to infinity.

“Let’s just…get ready for landing.”Stein says slowly and desperately.



The First Chapter


The ship landed.Even though its landing was abnormally silent,nobody cared about that.

Alpha stepped out his right foot ,then his left foot,then his right foot again,trying to place his feet closer to the entrance to the new world.

The sky seemed to pull in until he could almost feel it touching his skin like a gathering blanket.

“This is our home now.”

The “sun” was about to rise.Everything,everyone,was in silence.

“This is the end?”

Silence was their escape,but silence was rarely a refuge.

“This is the start.”

White,there was only white now,no ground,no sky.From the horizon between the two,there was only a pure and silent white,as noiseless as the deepest snowfall at the quietest sunrise.

“This is our new earth.”

Alpha mumbled,“Well…We’re the only…and the last …of humankind.”,staring at the horizon of dawn on this planet.

Stein stepped forward with something nebulous sparkling in his eyes.He paused for a minute.

“No. Precious human, you are not the last,” he said in a soft, compassionate tone, “you are the first.”

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