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[Short Story][Fiction] Sunk

After the Ancora, I wrote another story for another contest. Well, the same as Ancora, I couldn’t find the full-length version of the story. The story I’m about to post could be described as an outline at most. So I’m just going to explain some of the things in the story. The requirement of the contest was to write about how to destroy the monster without becoming one, I tried to put it into the story but after the story was cut short, the illustration of that became insufficient and vague.

The “hexahedron” and the destruction of the land was sort of a metaphor. The technology brought us a prosperous world, but we are ignoring the consequence of the industrialization and many more matters that are causing harm to the environment. Maybe with this idea, you could understand more about the story.

Anyway, enjoy the story. I might try to re-write the entire story when I’m free. 🙂


More than 10 thousand years ago,Atlantis was a legendary empire that combined all the impossibles.A giant cube called the Hexahedron,which could covert sunlight into usable energy,floated in the center of the city,advancing Atlantis rapidly. However,along with miracles,monsters were created,too.


The Fete Day, the most celebrated festival in Atlantis,was about to come.The priest would give oblation to gods in a grand ceremony.The Great Priest Ahkin had been busy preparing for the ritual for almost a month.

Princess Corona came in when he was reviewing his speech for the last time,she said softly: “Are you ready?”

“Of course,my love.”

“Anyway,today’s ritual has to be perfect.I don’t want my people to lose faith in us anymore.We have faced too many disasters for the past few months.”

“You can rest assure that I’ll make this a perfect ceremony.”

“You’d better.”Corona paused with anxiousness,“Or else I would be entirely clueless.”








“Thousands of years without wars or disasters.We should be grateful for the life that we have.This will be another prosperous year ahead. Let’s treasure it together.”Ahkin was making the ending speech.So far everything went perfectly.

Corona’s brother,Prince Rex,was looking at Ahkin with a smile. Standing beside him was Bellua Damon,the daughter of General.

Suddenly,Bellua started walking towards Ahkin with stiff steps.Rex told her to stop,but Bellua didn’t seem to hear that.

Ahkin saw her coming,too.But he couldn’t pause his speech on such an important day.

Bellua stopped,10 steps from Ahkin.Right after Rex breathed a sigh of relief,Bellua pulled out a dagger and threw it right at Ahkin’s heart.

“No!”Corona’s shout resounded in the air.


Angry crowd started flooding in ,wanting to kill Bellua.Purple flames rose around Bellua and spread quickly among the crowd.People picked up any tools they can use to hurt,to attack,to kill,not just her,but also themselves.Bellua stood still with her eyes hollow,and said:“Trying to kill a monster makes you one of them.”

“I need to save her.”Rex said in a panic,“A monster must’ve possessed her.”

“Rex,don’t be reckless.We have to stay hidden.”Corona said.




Violet flames bursting from Bellua were soaking the city.Stepping towards the Hexahedron,she said:”This is the nemesis for messing with the power that you don’t understand.Hexahedron raised you with light,but it has a price.To pay the price,we will become the so-called “monsters”.Get ready.This will be the era of chaos.” Bellua stopped just beside the Hexahedron.

“I think we can reverse everything that happened.” Corona says.

“How?”Rex asks.

“Our mother gave this to me.”Saying, she touched the necklace on her neck,“She told me that this is a reverse key.Once I activate the key in the Hexahedron,everyone will be teleported away safely with memories erased.She said that monsters shouldn’t be destroyed, save them if they come.”

“Fine.Let’s do it.”

“But,there is a price.Atlantis will be gone,forever,sunk under the sea.”

“What about her?”

“She’ll be gone,too.”

“No!There has to be another way.”

“This is the only way,Rex.”




Rex was walking towards Bellua who stood still beside the Hexahedron,saying: “Bellua, stop please.”

“Join me. We could be a legend.”

“We could have.”

Corona had already got behind Bellua while Rex was distracting Bellua.While Corona was activating the key,Rex glanced at her accidentally.Bellua sensed her,pulled out a knife and stabs it right into Rex.

“No!”Corona’s second shout of the day.

“You can’t fool me,human.”Bellua said wickedly, “And now you will die,too.”

“Bring it on.”

Bellua tried to attack Corona with a wave of magic,but she missed and hit the Hexahedron.Hexahedron glittered resplendently and absorbs them inside immediately.


The ground being flooded, Atlantis is sinking, losing all what their civilization had created. With dusk light illuminating, the palace from which gold bricks are falling is splitting into half.

Corona stood still in the Hexahedron,witnessing the falling of Atlantis.

Bellua mirthlessly laughed and said: “You really did destroy me without becoming a monster, didn’t you.”

She did not reply.She just stared at the flood painfully.

Flood kept coming. Waves were getting closer to the Hexahedron. 5 meters, 3 meters, 1 meter, water began to devour the last of Atlantis.

Hexahedron sank, too, lying under the deep sea.

You know, maybe one day we’ll find it somewhere, and sink again.


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