Venture of Robots

Oct.12 Welcome all our new club members.

Welcome the new members from the 10th grade.

Today was the first time that we officially met our new members from the 10th grades. After tons of interviews to recruit new members for more than a month, we’re glad to see all our new members gathered to get to know us, and of course, each other.

Our club president Zhang Wenlin presented a speech to welcome the new members. In the same manner, the co-president Liu Yuxiang introduced the VEX robotics competition. Then, the rest of the members from the 11th grade all went up to the stage and introduced themselves.

After the introductions, I gave a presentation on the basic programming of robots. In this presentation, I showed them a model of a VEX Cortex and demonstrated the matching array that could control motors’ movement.

I showed them the codes of an executable program that could change a motor’s speed. Afterwards, I explained the reason why the maximum speed of a motor was only up to 127(absolute value): It was because the signals sent by a cortex to the motor was an 8-digit binary number. In the last 30 minutes of our activity, we discussed the realization of negative binary numbers.

In conclusion, today was both successful and fun. I love to get to know more new faces, and I sincerely hope all of us can become really good teammates in the future.

Materials (PowerPoint) of today’s presentation:

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