Farewell Letter – brief conclusion of some part of my past

Hoveringis the raging howling of the lone wolf.

Unheardwas harrowing screaming of this one self.

Inside his mind was perfect storm and ultimate bolt.

As winter approaches, my sanity starts to revolt.

Fell under the spell of a fruit, unclear if it’s forbidden.

Whatever scars it left me, they were always forgiven.

Fears caused destruction, badly ill I was bedridden.

Not my torso, but my heart that was severely broken.

The meteorite hit, broke me down into a wreckage.

But I need a touch a smile more than a bandage.

All they have done is not returning my messages.

All they have done is to add more to my damages.

Before the downhill, I  was not careful or driven.

The mist blocked the sun, I chose a path, risks undertaken.

Shredded by the blizzards, crimson clouds became my prison.

Storm shattered the boat, on an island I was stranded.

It was a bay that I was searching for, but no beacon was lit.

I was hiding from my earthquakes, but they were ubiquitous.

I tried crawling, and stood up, but there were no shoes to fit.

To the nightmare, I begged. It still got more treacherous.

Night terror is the disease that I couldn’t shake off.

Back and forth was his vagueness and my pride-off.

Wrong choice, in the first place, was to actually fall.

Thanks to that, I replaced my broken heart with a lock.

It’s my next problem to solve? “Where the keys at?”

Because it was a choice that I could never take back.

Picked me up and shook me off, oh he’ll regret that.

If I could ever choose again, I would rather pick Shrek.

I’m surrounded by those who are full of disrespect.

Self-awareness is what they lack, yet they don’t introspect.

So why the hell are we born into this tremendous mess.

Oh, the last time I checked, I’m not the one who’s blessed.

The voices, they whisper my name, and they whisper other things.

Things that I fear, things that I did, things I fear that I did.

To get to the peak, I made my choices, did not even blink.

As I fell, I fell too hard, to pieces was I ripped.

The truth that I speak is what they misrepresent.

They toss away the fact, it is lies that they send.

Among the devils, I’m a sinner that don’t blend.

They put on their masks, there’s nothing they can’t pretend.

But despite the malice, it is my knees I won’t bend.

Despite the menace, it is my soul I defend.

Despite the prejudice, it is myself that ascends.

Despite my nemesis, it is angels I befriend.

I used to crave for the crown, but my kingdom burnt down.

I used to be safe and sound, now all I do is frown.

After the final breakdown, this dead heart starts to pound.

It was in pain I drowned, it’s my turn to rebound.

All those who have hurt me before ain’t none of my concern.

I can’t make the tables turn, but I will put them in the urn.

Everyone thinks I’m a kid, so I tell them watch and learn.

If a lion stays quiet, he’s planning on his return.

In the mist I was lost, but now I glow on my own.

Rose up from the dead, I’m armored from skin to bone.

The lion learned to roar after going through this all alone.

Clearing up the mist, the lion now returns to claim his throne.

There’s no turning back now, the arrow is on the bow.

Glad that I fear less now, I can head straight to the rainbow.

There’s more mist, more crimson, more snow and perfect storms.

Let it rage on. What can I do but to face it on my own?

It’s time to stay back, shut up and take notes.

I’m aiming for the gold, so don’t send me rose.

There’s no giving up until I become a ghost.

Farewell, friends and foes, I’m on my road.

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