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Ancora: Dope is only one more neutron away from Hope

The star of Ancora use to blaze with rage.
Lights? There’s no beacon in this bay.
When the fuels burn out, I’ll drown in the rain.
I’ll drown in the chaos of silence, drown in the maze.

The mist is gone, so is the train,
The train to the dreamland where there’s no heartbreak.
Remember, for Hope, Dope is only one neutron away.
Before you leave, please, look at the mess you made me make.


Ancora means Hope\Refuge in Latin (at least according to Google…)

It’s a short piece about my current feelings, which is nothingness…

I don’t feel lost like my previous lyrics Escape the Mist, which is why the mist is gone. Nor do I feel hope or anything like Lonely Island. I don’t crave for any lights because there’s not even a beacon.

Dope is only one neutron away from hope. I first came up with this line three years ago. It’s my favorite line of all time, but I have never actually put it into a poem before. I guess I finally found a place for it.

This piece would not mean much when read alone. The symbols are intervened with my previous pieces, which makes this even more personal…


So umm that’s all.


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