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[4.19]First Day at the World Championships!

SO…The BIG day has finally arrived! We’re in Louisville, Kentucky now! This is what I have always been dreaming for. It’s so exciting to see people from all over the world gather together for robotics!  We just arrived in U.S. yesterday. So far, everyone I’ve met had been so nice and friendly. I can’t wait to be at competition center!

This afternoon, we just arrived at the pit (short word for the competition center). It’s an amazing place!

This is a compilation of our first day at 2017 VEX World Championships! I edited the video that night, and we were really busy. So I simply cut some clips and put my favorite song on.


ps: It used to be on Youku, but there were problems in playing the video. I changed the video source to Youtube in November.


Here are some pics 🙂



BTW the suite is AMAZING

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